The Narrative PR Summit is the first conference of its kind to take place in Egypt; a conference created by Egyptians for Egyptians, with real case studies and an in-depth understanding of the market provided by the industries key experts and opinion leaders.

Narrative started in 2016 when, CC Plus – the multi-disciplinary corporate communications firm, decided to take a leap and organize an unprecedented Public Relations event for the Egyptian market. Egypt’s first ever international, yet locally managed, Public Relations Summit was designed to revolutionize the outdated and orthodox PR practices in a way that will drive our nation forward. Narrative, with the slogan: “What Happens Between the Colon and the Dot,” emerged from our efforts to unite some of the brightest local and global professionals from various fields in the market to discuss, under one roof, their distinct stories, lessons and experiences that can create a bank of first-class knowledge available for everyone and anyone in Egypt.

In 2017 we took the notion forward and organized the second edition. “Nation Branding” was taken into a deeper perspective highlighting investment, art, culture, talent and technology as primary pillars for building a country brand. During the 2017 Narrative PR Summit, speakers presented their recommendations & insights.

The recommendations compiled a considerable input of 39 speakers. CC Plus formulated a committee of experts to offer its expertise in the preliminary stages by discussing the framework of adopting suggestions put forward during the Summit and examine ways to carry them out.

The recommendations were announced in a press conference & inserted in key publications & media channels, whilst the recommendations document was sent to all Ministries, and relevant authoritative bodies. The recommendations received great acceptance by President’s office, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Antiquities, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Public Sector, Ministry of Environment, National Security & Ministry of Aviation who were eager to participate and endorse the outcomes too.

We take it as a humbling responsibility upon ourselves to continue the legacy we began in 2016 to make Narrative PR Summit an ongoing milestone in Egypt’s development expedition and gather the experiences and recommendations of all field experts to further businesses and nation as a whole. In 2018, Narrative PR Summit celebrates its third edition as the official annual gathering under the umbrella of “Egypt’s Soft Power” that brings the country’s best narrators under one roof to participate in branding our nation.


Narrative PR Summit

Watch Here Narrative PR Summit 2017 Highlights & Recommendations. Mark your calendar on October 28th, 2018 for the summit 3rd edition! Narrative PR Summit – Everything that happens between the colon and the dot!#NarrativePRSummit2018, #NationBranding, #CCPlus, #PR, #PublicRelations

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The role of PR goes beyond tradition.

Narrative Summit 2016, takes the whole notion of PR, and our perception of it, to the next level.Book your seat now ❱❱

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