In less than a month, engaging us in this year’s Summit is the prominent physician and well-known Egyptian politician, Dr. Prof./ Hossam Badrawi, Chairman of the Nile Badrawi Foundation for Education & Development.

During his time as chairman of the education committee in the Egyptian Parliament, Dr. Prof. Badrawi was considered the leader of science and education reform in Egypt. He introduced the concept of quality assurance in education and worked the legislation of accreditation in the country in 2002, continuing his efforts via public and non-profitable initiatives in education till date. In addition, he is the president of his own enterprise, the Badrawi Foundation for Education and Development, as well as being the founder and honorary chairman of the Egyptian Council of Competitiveness.

Aside from his academic and political career, Dr. Prof. Badrawi is an active member in a number of leading NGO’s in Egypt, as he is an advocate of youth, women and children rights.

Dr. Prof. Hossam Badrawi will be tackling Nation Branding in this year’s Narrative Summit, October 17th with his distinguished vision for health care financing, management and provision.