This Narrative 2017, the one and only Sylvia El Nakkady, one of our nation’s most prestigious writers and journalists as well as the Editor-in-Chief of ICONA Magazine, will be infusing an important aspect of culture, education and art to the nation branding concept.

Narrating her passion for art since childhood, Sylvia is one of the most recognizable names for creating one of the most powerful media brands in the Middle East and making ElBeit magazine the flagship publication of Al-Ahram.

Sylvia’s legacy is reaching, inspiring and teaching an eager audience, on culture, art and design. Al-Ahram Arts Centre was created and headed by Sylvia as Secretary General in recognition of Sylvia’s initiative to showcase a selection of Al-Ahram fine art collection, only second to the Egyptian Museum of Modern Art.

In her relentless, unwavering pursuit to preserve national art treasures and revive cultural heritage, Sylvia will be discussing Nation Branding in this year’s Narrative Summit.