Welcome to Narrative 2017

“Nation Branding is the responsibility of every single person in the nation” with this note, Narrative 2016 adjourned. Narrative 2017 will bring the notion into light, dissecting every aspect of our society and how each dynamic is an integral participant in crafting the message of the nation.

From politics to economic standing, from art  to sports, from entertainment to academics and from philanthropy to crisis management, from historic events to futuristic approaches, branding our nation is and will be present, alive and evolving.

Aside from bringing in the best calibers in the country, the most charismatic speakers regionally and globally Narrative 2017 vows to be another inspiring epiphany to PR professionals. Once again, Narrative will engrave our stories inspire hope.

Once again,

Narrative will engrave our stories inspire hope



Narrative 2017 is digging deeper, bringing in the notion of Nation branding into a deeper perspective.


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