Dina Saoudi is the co-founder at Seven Circles and Seven’s World (Facebook, Instagram). At Seven Circles, she makes use of her years of experience in the tech industry at Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur, investor, and a consultant for startups. She has a Masters in Social Psychology.

Dina has a great passion to build solutions that serve humanity and therefore the founding of Seven’s World. Seven’s World is a philanthropic project created by Seven Circles whereby all proceeds go back to serving humanity. Through Seven’s World she hopes to use her extensive years of helping and serving others for the betterment of our world. #ToRebuildGaza is one of her successful initiatives (article). Seven’s World first cause is Feeding All that proudly supports the UN World Food Programme and local organizations that work to fight hunger.

Above all, Dina is the mother of two boys, Hashem and Hamzah. While she has been involved with helping people from a very young age, today, their existence has further motivated her to work even harder on making this world a better place for her children. Dina talks more about herself in this article.